Hy-Vee at Lake Kampeska: a Beautiful Day to Tri

IMG_7985The Hy-Vee Triathlon at Lake Kampeska took place this past Saturday, July 8, on one of the most beautiful days the area has seen thus far this summer. Nary a breeze flowed, creating a glassy lake, a calm ride, and a sweaty run.  (You can find results here)

Age was a factor in this race, as the most seasoned of triathletes came out and took home the prizes for the men. Kevin Mitchell turned on the gas for each of the disciplines as he felt his nemeses breathing down his neck. Local favorite Ryan Remmers, who bikes the course multiple times a week, blasted through the finishing chute second, and Ken Winters sprinted his lean physique into third place. Incidentally, each of these men individually commented to our photographer that they were getting a little too old for this type of competition. We disagree.

PhotoGrid_1499552643090Brigitte Setness, a last-minute entry, came home with women’s first prize. Setness has laid low in the South Dakota sprint scene for the past couple of years, and we’re hoping to see her face more at the coming races. Stephanie Peterson of Minnesota, who happened to be visiting friends on Kampeska, used her uber-fast run to race her way to second place. Teresa Van Hyfte, a regular on the South Dakota tri scene, rounded out the women’s podium with her fish-like swimming skills and then solid bike and run.

PhotoGrid_1499552679015The Fun Team consisting of Payton Anderson, Alan Hartwig, and Sara Pokela took first place in the team competition, besting their competition by a solid fourteen minutes. That’s what we call fun. The Eagle Rays (Melanie, Tierney, and Trinity Hodorff) took second place, and #slowpokes (Todd Bohls, Jesse Greve, and Stacey Greve) took third place.

Our all-time favorite senior triathlete Frank Farrar also flew in to race and inspire everyone who saw him. With 86-year-old Farrar, age is not factor. He just keeps tri-ing. In fact, he noted how he improved on his time from last year.

The feel-good story of the day goes to the Raymer family. They were easy to spot. Each one–men, women, teens, and kids–wore a bright yellow shirt with the words “Team Colleen” on the front and then a picture of Burton Raymer and his wife Colleen on the back. Colleen died this past year, and two Raymer family members raced in honor of her. Best of all, Burton won the men’s 70-over age group. “We just told him that mom was smiling down on him today,” one family member commented.

Even with low numbers, spirits soared high at this year’s race. After all, who doesn’t love a triathlon when the weather is perfect, the competition is inspiring, and the food (as always when Hy-Vee provides) is tasty.

Next week the Outland Challenge (register here) will grace the tri-scene in the state. Those interested in a fun, challenging, and overall beautiful course should check it out. We’ll tell you more on Monday when we post a race preview and let you know about the exciting improvements on the event.


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