Dakotaman at Wall Lake: Popular and FAST

PhotoGrid_1466302582771After a day that felt well over 100 degrees and a night that involved microbursts and downright hairy weather, the Dakotaman at Wall Lake Tri (results located HERE) treated both athletes and spectators alike with near perfect conditions this past Saturday: glassy water and a slight breeze. Add in a well-marked course and jubilant volunteers who know how to both help and cheer, and the most populous triathlon in the state proved why so many people seek to be a Dakotaman.

Justin Schweitzer used his pavement-melting foot speed to literally run down his competition and bring home the Dakotaman title, only a week after podiuming against some of Minnesota’s toughest competition at the Liberty Tri in Rockford, Minnesota. Kevin Mitchell used his strong bike skills to hang on to second place, and the blonde-bearded wonder Danny Jacobson came in third. Note that all three of these competitors podiumed at different races last weekend, showing the tri-state area that South Dakota has some solid talent.

PhotoGrid_1466302654110After a year off the SD circuit of racing and just a week after conquering the brutal course at Escape from Alcatrez in San Francisco, Brigitte Setness, the 2014 SDTA womens’ champ, proved she’s still a force to be reckoned with in the state with a commanding win for the women ‘s division. Setness also cracked the top ten overall in the race. Wonder kid Katie Patrick used a quick cadence to maintain second place off the bike, and though Kimber Pierzchalski and Nikki Reinsbach finished the race hand in hand, the powers that be at AllSport Central have Reinsbach taking third place by a quarter of a second.

Dakotaman plays host to more triathletes than any other event in the state thus far this year, which also means it draws the fastest talent in the state as well. We saw some speedy racers and a lot of heart overall, especially considering a handful of the field raced longer races out of state last week. Congratulations to all who earned their Dakotaman title today. Watching you compete was once again our privilege. You can find photos of the event on our Facebook page here.


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